UnitedHealth is setting its sights on hospitals


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UnitedHealth has a new plan to partner with hospital systems;A highly anticipated boosters trial found that J&J shot recipients got a better immune response with Pfizer and Moderna;Merck could make billions of its COVID-19 pill.

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Optum CEO Andrew Witty

UnitedHealth has made a fortune from its sprawling network of doctors and clinics. Now it’s setting its sights on hospitals.

UnitedHealth Group has made a fortune owning medical clinics and keeping patients out of hospitals.But the healthcare giant is increasingly looking at hospitals as a source of revenue.Last week, UnitedHealth struck a deal with health system SSM Health to handle back-office operations.

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A vial of Johnson & Johnson (Janssen’s) Covid-19 vaccine.

Scientists gave J&J vaccine recipients different booster shots in a highly anticipated trial, and found they got a much better immune response with Moderna and Pfizer

People who got the J&J vaccine may get a better immune response from a Moderna or Pfizer booster, a major new study suggests.J&J recipients generated far more antibodies after a Moderna or Pfizer shot, instead of a second J&J jab.However, higher levels of antibodies do not necessarily mean a person is more protected from the coronavirus.

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Molnupiravir is an experimental oral antiviral developed by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics that could treat COVID-19

Merck is set to make billions off a COVID-19 pill that could change the pandemic. Here’s why some countries will pay more than others.

Merck’s COVID-19 pill holds tremendous promise in fighting the pandemic. Industry analysts expect Merck to make billions off the not-yet-authorized drug.Some countries will be paying $12 per patient, while the US agreed to pay $712 per treatment course.

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