Toy Run Tuesday #103 – Diorama Shots and Other Projects

Welcome Toy Runners! Thanks in advance for reading. As many Hasbro figures as I’ve gotten in the last couple weeks, this week was very dry from them. I got some other toys, and have been working on a new diorama set. Check it out  by clicking here…

I got a new phone this week (hallelujah) and the camera is so much better than before. I’m so happy that I can finally stop sharing blurry photos… Here is a quick shot I took of one of my dioramas where Luke is helping the New Republic apprehend some imperial remnants.

As for new stuff, I had some store credit and bought an Acid Rain Camelbot. It’s pretty epic and goes well with this other custom from a while back. I also started a big diorama project with a new 3d printed piece from this eBay seller. I’ve started etching in some stonework into the foam.

There you have it folks, please share your new finds and figures in the comments below!

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