Top Tips on Overcoming Adversity

Although recruitment is our core business, regardless of what job you do and your own personal situation, I believe we all need a bit of outside inspiration from time to time.

The articles I’ve published since the first lockdown last year, have been well received and I have had a great deal of positive feedback from people on how it’s helped them and given them a little bit of inspiration or motivation.

We are all having to dig a little deeper at the moment with all the challenges that the Covid pandemic has created.

It sometimes takes all our will power, motivation and learning from previous situations to deal with adversity and come through tough times.

On a personal level last year was one of the most challenging years for me and family Pike. We were made homeless by an unscrupulous builder and we had to live in hotels and Airbnb’s, whilst trying sort a long-term rental before the first lockdown – at the same time running a recruitment business in uncertain times.

Fortunately, 12 months later, we are nearly back in our house and are busy across the recruitment market!


It’s important to face up to the challenge you face, (it’s not going to go away) gather all the information and work out what’s the worst that can happen here and work out a plan to deal with it.
You might not have all the answers straight away, however with clarity of thinking and discussing the situation with individuals you trust, often a challenging and stressful situation can resolved.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you will be amazed how people will respond and offer to help you.
Have some form of daily exercise, for a least 30minutes a day. Where possible try and get out of your work/home environment. Walking is great, It’s not only good for your health but helps with clarity of thinking

Although it might be tough now, eventually things will improve.

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”― J.K. Rowling

What are your top tips on overcoming adversity?


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