Top Stories this AM: Netflix head defends Chappelle, again; J&J vax benefits from Moderna and Pfizer boosters; South Korea cracks down on Chanel sales

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What’s going on today:

Graham says he spies Gucci at the border. Sen. Lindsey Graham is claiming that Brazilian immigrants are arriving at the border “wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags.” Graham made the claim on Fox News and to The Washington Post. However, pictures his spokesman sent to The Post did not appear to show Gucci bags.Sarandos doubles down in support of Chappelle. Netflix CEO said the company believes content ‘doesn’t directly translate to real-world harm’ in defense of Dave Chappelle special, report says. GLAAD pushed back on the claim, saying media can lead to “real world harm, especially for trans people & LGBTQ people of color.”Vax mix and match. Scientists gave J&J vaccine recipients different booster shots – and found they got a much better immune response with Moderna and Pfizer. A J&J booster gave a 4-fold jump in antibodies, but those who got Moderna or Pfizer boosters in the mix-and-match trial saw up to 76-fold increases. Feats of strength for Kim. Topless North Korean soldiers displayed a bizarre show of strength to Kim Jong Un by performing dropkicks and lying on glass shards. North Korean soldiers displayed their martial arts prowess and performed feats of strength for the Supreme Leader and his officials at a defense development exhibition on Monday. Chanel in short supply. Chanel is limiting South Korean shoppers to buying 1 bag a year amid a flourishing market of resellers moving luxury goods at marked-up prices. Korean media outlets reported that the purchase limits was likely put in place to stop resellers from snapping bags up in mass hauls.HARD NO. A writhing mass of more than 90 rattlesnakes was removed from under a California woman’s house. Alan Wolf, director of the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, said it took him nearly four hours to extricate 80 snakes from the house on his first visit. That’s all for now. See you tomorrow.

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