This Weeks Publications – 13th September 2021

Welcome to this week’s publications breakdown.

The scheduled releases for this week will be;

Tuesday 14th September 2021

Howard Kanznjian: A Producer’s Life
(Cameron Books)
A captivating exploration of the life, work, and insider insight of legendary film producer Howard KazanjianHoward Kazanjian, a film producer whose career spans 50 years, has collaborated with Hollywood legends such as Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, Sam Peckinpah, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas, and worked on such classics as The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Return of the Jedi. Complete with personal anecdotes from the front lines, and coupled with rare archival photographs, this full-length biography tells the story of Kazanjian’s rise in Hollywood and takes us behind the scenes of the producer’s role in some of the biggest blockbusters in film history.
Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

The Galactic Advent Calendar
(Insight Editions)
Filled with more than thirty surprises spread out over twenty-five days, Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.Celebrate the holidays and your favorite Star Wars moments with this advent calendar packed with a galaxy’s worth of exclusive trinkets.
• More than 30 surprises: From greeting cards to paper ornaments, buttons, booklets, and more, Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar is bound to excite fans with adorable souvenirs and holiday-themed keepsakes spread out over the course of 25 days.
• The perfect holiday gift for Star Wars fans: Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar will make every day an adventure for Star Wars fans of all ages.
Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Wednesday 15th September 2021

Direct – Kuder
Darth Vader (2020) #16
(Marvel Comics)
• All of DARTH VADER’S careful scheming and brutal power moves to claim HAN SOLO’S frozen body have one ultimate end goal: LUKE SKYWALKER, the only person who could challenge Vader’s primacy at the Emperor’s side.
• Now everything comes to a head as father closes in on son and Luke finally grasps a shocking truth…
…one that will shape his destiny FOREVER!

Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary (14/36) – Sprouse, Story, Menon

Bounty Hunters Ship Variant – Villanelli

War of the Bounty Hunters: Boushh #1
(Marvel Comics)
Before PRINCESS LEIA acquired his armor to infiltrate Jabba the Hutt’s palace, BOUSHH roamed the galaxy as a bounty hunter. He and his team of lethal warriors were exiled from their homeworld; but what horrible event from Boushh’s past doomed them all to wander with no hope of ever returning? Desperate to survive, Boushh takes a suspicious job from a shadowy organization to assassinate DOMINA TAGGE, the leader of the powerful Tagge Family – a galactic dynasty stretching back countless generations. But Domina is the most dangerous enemy Boushh has ever faced, and the desperate exile has the most difficult choice of his life to make! ALYSSA WONG and David Baldeón’S one-shot is the third of four action-packed “War of the Bounty Hunters” tie-ins about the criminal underworld’s most notorious hunters and scoundrels, all told by the best STAR WARS writers and illustrators in the galaxy.

Direct – Asrar

Variant – Noto

Variant – Randolph

Bounty Hunters Ship Variant – Villanelli

The High Republic Adventures: Monster at Temple Peak #2 (of 4)
(IDW Publishing)
Follow former Jedi turned saber-for-hire monster hunter Ty Yorrick in this adventure-packed High Republic miniseries by Cavan Scott and Rachael Stott!
Ty begins the trek up Temple Peak, but the mountain’s hungry creatures and slippery edges put her rusty Force skills to the test. Dangerous monsters, cliffs, and battles are second nature for Ty, though. But dealing with people? Well, that may be the hardest part of her mission…

Cover A – Stott

Online Exclusive Cover – Stott

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