These easy-to-install cord covers help me hide all my TV’s pesky cables

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I love my home theater system, but it requires a bunch of long cables in my living room.
To help keep all these unruly cords out of sight, I bought some affordable cable covers from Amazon.
I got models for my floor and wall, and they cost about $15 each depending on the size you want.
TV Cord Cover (small)Floor Cord Cover (small)

There’s really no getting around it: Home entertainment setups require a ton of cables. With multiple wires running from your TV and speakers, even a basic home theater can turn your living room into a mess of ugly cords.

I recently ran into this issue while setting up a new surround sound system in my own apartment, resulting in a bunch of unsightly speaker wires and HDMI cables thrown across my wall and floor. Rather than deal with the eyesore and constant threat of tripping, I decided to buy some inexpensive cord covers to manage my cables.

These simple and affordable products let you hide your wires out of sight and keep them secure. Various sizes and styles are available with different mounting and adhesive options.

Here’s a look at the cord covers I decided to go with for my setup and why they’re a good fit for my needs.

To take care of the wires running from my wall-mounted TV, I opted for this 36-inch cable raceway from ZhiYo ($15).

The cover comes in four pieces, each measuring 9 inches. You can stack the pieces to get the length you need.

The tool-free installation uses built-in adhesive on the back. I placed two pieces toward the left of my TV to run HDMI cables, and two pieces toward the right to run the power cord.

Though the cover is paintable, the beige color option is already a good match for my wall.

The raceway has a handy snap-on feature so you can open it to remove wires without taking the cover off the wall.

The built-in adhesive keeps the cover in place well enough if left undisturbed, but the tape isn’t foolproof. The raceway can get knocked off if you or a pet fiddles with it too much.

This is Merlin, my lovable but mischievous cat. He’s upset that his favorite cables got hidden so he managed to swat the cover off the wall. The adhesive remains sticky enough to place back on, but you may prefer adding stronger tape or screws to secure it.

For the speaker wires running across the floor of my living room to my rear surround speakers, I went with this 6-foot floor cover from D-Line ($16).

I need to run four cables in total and they’re a bit thick, so I ended up needing two covers to comfortably fit two cables in each.

The covers have a non-slip base, so D-Line says you don’t need additional adhesive, but I recommend using some type of double-sided tape just to be safe.

I run the covers from under my TV stand to my living room rug. The remaining portion of each speaker wire then runs under the rug out of sight.

The grey color option isn’t a perfect match for my floor, but complements it well enough, offering a neat and secure alternative to exposed cables.

Should you buy the ZhiYo and D-Line cord covers?

If you’re looking for an easy solution to hide and manage your HDMI and speaker cables, the ZhiYo wall cord cover and D-Line floor cord cover are both solid and affordable options.

The ZhiYo’s built-in adhesive might not be strong enough for all uses, so some people might prefer to get stronger tape or screws to mount it. Likewise, though the D-Line has a non-slip build, you’ll probably want to secure it with some extra double-sided tape. 

Despite those small drawbacks, I’ve been totally satisfied with my purchase. The ZhiYo 36-inch cable raceway for walls is available on Amazon for $15 in beige. The price varies for other color options. The D-Line 6-foot floor cord cover is available on Amazon for $16 in gray, beige, or black.

TV Cord Cover (small)Floor Cord Cover (small)

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