The Government’s Winter Covid Plan in Full

The government’s Covid Autumn and Winter Plan is up and sets out two levels of responses the government will use to keep Covid at bay: plan A and plan B. Plan B will only be activated in plan A proves insufficient, with the government saying it “hopes not to have to implement Plan B”…

Plan A involves:

Pharmaceutical interventions: vaccines, antivirals and disease modifying therapeutics
Track, trace and isolate
Managing NHS pressures and recovering services
Clear guidance and communications
Helping vaccinate the world and introducing more border restrictions

Plan B gets more stringent, and involves – surprise, surprise – Covid passports:

Communicating “clearly and urgently” to the public that the level of risk has increased and they need to behave more cautiously
Mandatory vaccine-only Covid passports in certain settings
Mandating face coverings in certain settings
The government will also consider asking people to work from home again however this will be a final step based on data due to the large amount of disruption.

Despite reassurances that Covid passports won’t be required for churches, weddings, funerals and other commemorative events, Tory MPs won’t be happy…


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