Star Wars Splash Page #256: Kings and Queens

War of the Bounty Hunters comes to its end and sets the stage for Crimson Reign and, further into 2022, The Hidden Empire, as Qi’ra lays out the chess board pieces and prepares for the long game.

Daniel José Older and David Wachter strike the right tone in the first issue of The High Republic — Trail of Shadows #1 as the crime noir-inspired mystery tale reveals even more questions than answers.

In Ghosts of Vader’s Castle #4 (of 5), Lina, Thom and more face down their starkest nightmares while readying for what could the final showdown on Mustafar.

Doctor Aphra #15 continues an unparalleled streak of success as she and Sana form temporary alliances and uncover a massive conspiracy with tendrils throughout the galaxy.

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