Save 32% on this HD digital microscope that makes everything clearer

TL;DR: Save 32% on this 7″ HD Digital USB Microscope as of Sept. 12 — pick it up for just $203.95.

Microscopes are not what they used to be like back when you were in middle school studying bacteria slides. Nowadays, everything is amplified and in 3D, and that includes your microscope experience

See and study in greater detail with this 7-inch HD digital USB microscope, which is on sale now for 32 percent off. With 10 different bright light settings and one super bright setting, you can be sure you’re properly illuminating your subject at all times. You’ll never miss a detail or corner of a specimen since the LED lights and accurate zoom settings let you see everything clearly. 

The microscope packs a 12 million pixel sensor that lets you see richer details on each layer of your specimen. The image resolution is 4032 x 3024 (that’s sharper than 4K), while the video resolution is 1920 x 1080. But unlike microscopes of the past, this microscope actually includes a 7-inch high-definition display for all of your findings to unfold on. The screen offers multiple modes and views for a truly unique observation every time you examine a new specimen. No more squinting or placing your eye against the lens, making this microscope great for sharing with multiple lab partners at the same time.

As the ultimate upgrade, this microscope connects to any computer via USB, so you can quickly upload, track, and share your findings and progress on just about any experiment. It’s truly the scientific microscope you’ve always known and loved, but upgraded and adapted for the year 2021.

Normally, this 7-inch HD digital USB microscope retails for $299. But now, for a limited time, you can save 32 percent off of the retail price and take this high-quality study tool home for just $203.95.

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