Rumor Report: Target Exclusive TVC Droids Animated Series Figures

Today, I received info on 3 new code names and from what I’m told they correlate to 3 upcoming Target Exclusive Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Vintage Collection figures to commemorate the Star Wars Droids animated series. The 3 code names are as follows:
Aquarius” – Boba Fett
Pisces” – C-3PO
Taurus” – R2-D2

It can be assumed that these will be redecos of existing molds and be carded on the TVC style card back with animated art from the cartoon used as the “film out” (like the Walmart Exclusive TVC Clone Wars figures). These figures retail for $15.99 each but it is unknown when they will be available for preorder or in-stores.

UPC, DPCI, TCIN info has been added to our Master List for these Droids figures

To clarify, these figures ARE NOT the “Periwinkle”, “Violet” and “Mauve” TVC figures we erroreously hinted at yesterday. These purple tinted codes tie to 3 different figures altogether. : )

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