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Roswell UFO crash debris is still out there, expert claims as probe reveals ‘something really hot’ smashed into desert

WRECKAGE from the Roswell UFO incident could still be buried in the desert, an expert has claimed.

The astonishing revelation is made in a startling new six-part documentary which sets out to get the bottom of the world’s most baffling UFO mystery.

Sky HistoryFormer CIA operative Ben Smith has been working with geophysicists[/caption]

Sky HistoryScans of the area appeared to show large gouges in the surface of the desert[/caption]

Soils samples were collected from the suspected crash site

Former CIA operative Ben Smith has been called in to work with a team of top experts to find out exactly what happened in New Mexico in July, 1947.

And he exclusively told The Sun Online he believes debris from the crash could still be buried in the sand just waiting to be found.

Ben has teamed up with geophysicists and ufologists for ‘Roswell: The First Witness’, which starts on February 9 as part of Sky History’s Mystery Season.

He told The Sun Online: “There are delineations in the soil from a north-western to a south-eastern direction which match witness descriptions of something falling from the sky, hitting the earth, skipping and scattering debris.”

During his investigation, he visited New Mexico to search for “unnatural features” which could be evidence of a flying saucer crash.

Scientists then conducted an exhaustive geo-thermal examination of the area where the first debris was discovered – using cutting-edge technology to look deep into the earth for clues.

The experts scoured the desert with state-of-the-art kit including drones in the hunt for an “impact and skid mark”.

They also studied aerial images of the area before and after the Roswell incident and soon noticed what could be multiple “furrows” in the surface.

Studies also revealed “something really hot hit the earth and heated up the surrounding soil”, changing the magnetic field in the area.

Hi-tech detecting equipment also appeared to pick up signs of metal hidden beneath the surface.

Handout – GettyMajor Jesse Marcel led the original investigation into the Roswell crash[/caption]

Sky HistoryMarcel was the first military man to visit the desert crash site[/caption]

Soil samples were then sent to a lab to see if they contained materials “not from this world”.

Ben believes the fact there could still be debris scattered beneath the desert is what makes the Roswell mystery so intriguing.

“This is what makes this project so interesting. We have this amazing Tic-Tac video recently declassified from American Navy pilots but it is footage but there is nothing physical,” he said.

“Here we have a a record of something crashing into the ground and the geology (from the site) certainly supports trapping some of this debris.

“This a desolate site. The potential of finding a piece of it…whether through sophisticated space age technology that we used or tracking down original witnesses who may have taken a piece home is part of the crux of the invesitgation.

“We tried to keep it focused on the original witnesses and the original accounts of debris and go from there.”

He now believes the key to solving this whole mystery could even be lying in a box after being collected by a local in the hours and days after the crash.

Ben said: “That’s the crazy part and it could be the conclusive evidence that we need to determine whether this was truly extra terrestrial or this is very terrestrial.

“It could just be in a box somewhere. I think there is a piece of this thing somewhere out there and I think we can find it with enough time and resources.”

Yesterday we told how a journal written by a US army major – who was first on the scene – may hold all the secrets to what has been described as the biggest cover-up in US military history.

AlamyThe Roswell Daily Record’s front page after the incident[/caption]

On July 8, 1947 the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) distributed a press release claiming they had recovered the remains of a “flying disc” which had crashed in the desert.

Not surprisingly, the news made headlines across the US but the very next day the US Army suddenly backtracked and released a second statement claiming the recovered object was actually just a weather balloon.

The bizarre incident would have been lost over the decades had it not been for Major Jesse A Marcel, a former intelligence officer who was stationed at RAAF at the time.

When a local rancher reported the debris’ discovery, Marcel was sent out to take a look and bring some of the material back to the base before being ordered to fly some of the wreckage to Fort Worth, Texas, for further examination.

Sky HistryMarcel was an intelligence officer of the 509th Bombardment Group[/caption]

However, in the late 70s, Marcel told UFO researchers later photos with him and the debris was staged for the press as part of an elaborate plan to dupe the press and the public.

He claimed the Army whisked the real debris away while he was ordered to aid in the cover-up of what was really found.

Marcel claimed the actual crash site was scattered with extremely strong shiny material that was foil-like but returned to its original shape after it was crumpled. 

He later told his family what he found was “not made by human hands” but they say he was pressured by the US government to retract his original statement and deny he ever saw evidence of a UFO.

Now his diary – which has been in the hands of his family for decades – is being probed from cover-to-cover to unlock its secrets.

Ben Smith is a former CIA case officer with many years in the field as an
undercover operative tracking terrorist networks, foreign intelligence
activities and weapons of mass destruction.

He holds a degree in International Affairs and a Master’s of Fine Arts. In his free time, he is either researching his next investigation or writing science fiction from his home in New York.

Roswell continues to attract questions from UFO hunters, with even Donald Trump’s son Don Jr asking the former US President about the suspected crash during an interview last year.

Roswell: The First Witness premieres on Sky History on Tuesday, February 9 at 9pm.

Sky HistoryThe First Witness premieres on Sky History on Tuesday, February 9[/caption]