Podcast Stardust #308: Tempest Runner


The High Republic publishing initiative has brought a new era of Star Wars storytelling to fans of the saga. The story primarily has been told through novels, young adult novels, middle grade books, and comics. However, that all changed with the release of Cavan Scott’s The High Republic – Tempest Runner. In Tempest Runner, Scott weaves a story of how Lourna Dee escaped from her home, slavery, and service to the Republic to take charge of her own destiny as a Nihil Tempest Runner. That is all threatened when she is captured by the Jedi and the Republic on a raid. Now she is at a crossroads. Will she return to the life she knew before or find redemption? Join us on episode 308 as we analyze Cavan Scott’s amazing audio drama and the future and fate of Lourna Dee.

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