Nike Releasing Star Wars Inspired Sneakers from The Empire Strikes Back

Nike may not have a Star Wars license but that’s not stopping them from releasing three pairs of sneakers in a tribute to The Empire Strikes Back.

There’s a thing that Nike does sometimes where, despite lacking the official license to make a branded shoe, they just pick a very obvious colour scheme, let fans give them a nickname, and run with it anyway. It’s worked on everything from Doraemon to Gundam, and next month it’s taking on Star Wars.

This is one of my favourite sneakers of all time, the Presto Mid Utility (more famously known lately for its Acronym collabs), dressed in a colourway that is officially known as “Carbon Green/Black-Ghost-Pollen,” but which has already and predictably been labelled the “Boba Fett.” But it’s not the only one. There are actually three pairs in this line coming, all of them using the same shoe and all of them inspired by…that scene in Empire Strikes Back when Vader has all the Bounty Hunters lined up?

The second pair, above, are “Darth Vaders” (all-black is usually a winner, but that silver heel might be a little much), while the third (below) and potentially even nicer than the Boba Fetts, are already known as “Bossk”:

All three pairs are scheduled for release in November 2021, and since they will be going on general release they should be fairly easy to get your hands on!

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