NFL Picks for Week 6

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We’re back at it with Week 6. Jess Place, Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann, and I will be dueling it out this season for the best straight-up NFL picks guru on Mile High Report.

Welcome to Week 6!

After weeks of languishing behind, Jess completely dominated Week 5 on his way to an impressive 14-2 record. Of course, one of his two losses was our beloved Denver Broncos, but still a great week for him and he is now nipping at my heels. Both of us still remain a healthy distance behind Laurie.

I should be a very unpopular person this week as I did decide to commit the worst sin I’ve ever committed as a Broncos blogger…. I picked the got damn Las Vegas Raiders this week. I did it for two reasons. One, I hope for a little reverse psychology picking the Raiders to win so they lose. Two, I am worried the Raiders will be galvanized to victory a week after Jon Gruden resigned in disgrace. Not for Gruden, but for each other. Either way, I expect to be shamed in the comments section below. I deserve this.

In our Yahoo league, everyone did fairly well. Almost universally got 11-12 wins with a couple falling just short. No one here came close to Jess and his 14 win week. You can join us there as well to compete each week!

Join link:
Group #: 56471
Password: BRONCOS

Here are all of our NFL picks for Week 6.

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