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Mutts Go Green, by Patrick McDonnell

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and if you have the chance to go to a bookstore and are looking for a book to get your child in the spirit of things (and maybe even take part in a clean up this weekend), Mutts Go Green, by Patrick McDonnell (March 30, 2021, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 176 pages) is a great pick for an Earth Day present (and also makes a good present any time of the year)!  
Earl the dog and Mooch the cat are two of my most favorite fictional comic strips, and here they make a special appearance along with their many friends introducing young readers to the things they can do to help our planet (and us along with it) thrive. 
 It’s sweet and heartwarming, and though the reader who already has thought about going green won’t find anything new, it’s a solid pick for kids who haven’t yet realized all the individual actions that can contribute to the greater good.  The cartoon panels are lightly interspersed with text, list things that can be done and why, and the cartoons themselves show the Mutts gang in action.
It’s clearly a message driven book, but it’s not offensively preachy, and the genuine wholesomeness and adorableness of the Mutts crew makes it heartwarming!
disclaimer: review copy received from the publisher