5 STARS!! What a book! We loved it! LOTUS is available NOW! Ebook: https://amzn.to/3eNgSHC

“I remember everything about you, Oliver. You were real. Your life before what happened to you was real.”

We fell head over heels for Oliver and Sydney’s epic friendship and love story. A friendship that transcended time and absence. Lotus broke our hearts then proceeded to heal them. It was tragic and heartbreaking, yet inspirational and uplifting. It was as dark as it was swoony and light-hearted. It packed a punch in the emotional gut yet was somehow overwhelmingly endearing too. It was sublime in its honesty, base feelings, and we thought the exploration of how deeply society’s fads and constructs become engrained in our personal development was steeped in truths.

Whilst Lotus had bouts of darkness, drama, and suspense, it also has humour and joy. The angst and twists are plenty meaning we were compelled, turning the pages furiously yet also trying to take our time reveling in Jennifer Hartmann’s prose. We must applaud this Author for completely bowling us over by a twist that made us question the intentions of right and wrong, provoking a lengthy debate on an action that had detrimental consequences but could be considered otherwise in the eyes of another. We cannot stress how much we love Jennifer Hartmann and how addicted we have now become to her characters and their stories. If you haven’t met this Author’s work yet, you really need to go one-click!

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