Lil Nas X Comes to the Met Gala Dressed as C-3PO – Oh My!

Lil Nas X made an entrance at last night’s Met Gala in New York, not content with one outfit he chose to wear three, all styled by Hodo Musa. It was the second outfit that got us interested though, ‘Oh My!‘, as it closely resembled C-3PO from Star Wars.


He made a grand entrance on the red carpet, draped in a regal gold velvety cloak with a long train, which was fit for a king. Next, Lil Nas X removed his cape on the carpet, revealing a full gold suit of armor underneath, which was complemented with a pair of gold earrings and some subtle gold winged eyeliner.For his final look of the evening, the performer wore a fitted, long-sleeve black jumpsuit with a plunging zipper, all covered in sparkling gold jewels. He paired the look with black combat boots and accessorized it with a gold choker.


“How did I decide to get this look? Well, it was about three different looks,” he told Keke Palmer on the red carpet during Vogue‘s livestream. He said after he took off his “amour,” then, “We got to sexy. You know, we got really sexy slutty.”


Asked how he has the freedom to express his vision, Lil Nas X noted that “COVID let me get a lot of time to think and learn to block people’s thoughts about what I have to do… [I] just like, realized we only get one chance to do this.”

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