for Business is helping local bookstores thrive

Audiobook retailer has launched a new scheme named for Business. This is aimed at the corporate sector where companies are offered a collection of audiobooks that the employees can listen to when taking a break from work. For this, the companies are offered audiobooks at scale while each company is able to set their own monthly download limits as well.

The employees are offered a curated list of audiobooks to listen to that are chosen from’s collection of over 215,000 audiobooks. These audiobooks can be listened to using the app that is available for both iOS and Android and comes for free. Companies, as well as their employees, will also be able to access the bookseller’s dedicated customer support center that also pitches in for reporting, ongoing curation, and optimization recommendations.

Now, coming to perhaps the best part of it all, the above scheme has the local bookstore as beneficiaries as shares 10 percent of the revenue with them. It can be a single bookstore getting all the money or the same is shared if there are several bookstores in the locality. This way, the companies are also contributing towards bookstores remaining in business while the employees also stand to make the best use of their off-screen time when they aren’t working as such.

All of this makes for a win-win situation for all parties involved, the local booksellers, the companies that are making available audiobooks to its employees, and that has access to newer clients in the process.

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