Leitners AD MAIORA smartwatch has a Plastic Logic display

The Leitners AD MAIORA smartwatch is available as a pre-order for €539 and will be shipping out in November. It is employing a Plastic Logic e-paper display. This product combines the connected features of a smartwatch with the aesthetics and timekeeping mechanisms of a traditional analogue watch. Unlike other smartwatches, it doesn’t have a touchscreen, but incorporates an e-paper ‘dial.’ The display combines easy readability at any angle with ultra-low energy consumption and the segmented rim around the dial allows for countdown and other innovative features.

The AD MAIORA case is made of stainless steel and has sapphire crystal. It features an always on display that will provide the time and date. There is a heartrate monitor, activity tracking, instant messages, alarms and an O2 monitor. There is GPS and Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone or Android device, there is also official apps. Battery life is similar to a Fitbit, you normally have to charge it once a week. Quick charging is available and in 30 minutes you can get the battery to 80%.

Last year, Leitners raised just under $220,000 on Kickstarter to develop the hybrid smartwatch. “An occurring problem for us with smartwatches was the often unappealing and childish design, including faking an analogue dial. We wanted to create a watch that has the soul and beauty of a mechanical watch with the functionality of a smartwatch. Plastic Logic’s engineers in Germany worked closely with us to develop an innovative design for the display within a very short time period to help us achieve our objective.”

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