Labour Conference to Inflict Bercow on Membership

Labour’s conference fringe listing is out and Guido’s been combing through the usual endless list of dry policy debates. He’s down to give a talk to “SME4Labour”, presumably about himself. Does SME now stand for small & medium egotists?

In a similar vein, Corbyn is set to speak at a total of 6 events, including a Stop The War Coalition panel called “How Can We End 20 Years Of The War On Terror?”. Turns out Stop The War’s demands to withdraw troops from Afghanistan has not, in fact, stopped the war…

In other notable events, on Saturday, Len McCluskey will be launching his book, and round the corner from the official conference venue, Chris Williamson’s new outlet is putting on a multi-day show, packed with the most unsavoury types one could hope to bump into.

Labour members will also presumably be clamoring to attend the Tuesday afternoon event called “Britain Talks” – a fringe listing hosted by The Daily Mirror, Chaired by the editor of The Daily Mirror, the only speaker at which is Ros Wynne-Jones – Daily Mirror columnist.

Given a daily circulation of 388,584, Guido questions the event host’s ability to speak for Britain… 

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