Jon Gruden’s grubby bigotry could be just the start of the NFL’s problems

The Las Vegas Raiders coach resigned after messages showed him using racist and homophobic language. The NFL has another 650,000 emails in its possession

Say what you want about Jon Gruden – and plenty of people have – but he does have a novel take on equality.

In a series of emails reported by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal over the last week, the now former Las Vegas Raiders coach insulted pretty much every section of America. Black people (he said NFL Players Association leader DeMaurice Smith had “lips the size of michellin [sic] tires”); gay people (he bemoaned the fact that the NFL was encouraging teams to draft “queers”); women (he doesn’t like them refereeing games, preferring men to make a mess of pass interference calls); peaceful protesters (he said Eric Reid, who knelt alongside Colin Kaepernick, should be fired – no idea where he got that one from); and future heads of state (he called then-US vice president Joe Biden a “nervous clueless pussy” in 2012). To prove he wasn’t prejudiced he also insulted his own demographic: overpromoted, rich white guys who are not particularly good at their jobs (he called NFL commissioner a “faggot” and a “clueless anti football pussy”). And that’s just the stuff he wrote down.

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