Inside a biotech VC’s anger-driven strategy


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A top biotech VC shares what she looks for when investing in new companies;How two women convinced a group of millennial men to invest in a menopause symptom startup;A new study further proves the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

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Kristina Burow, managing director at Arch Venture Partners.

A top biotech VC looks for 2 factors when investing in startups that could shake up the healthcare industry

Arch Venture is one of biotech’s biggest investors, leading $200 million to $800 million rounds.The fund’s leaders pick healthcare issues that make them angry, then look for a solution. Managing Director Kristina Burow wants to overhaul brain-disorder treatments and autoimmune issues.

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Alloy cofounder and CEO Anne Fulenwider

Here is the 23-slide presentation a former Marie Claire editor-in-chief used to get millennial men to invest in a startup that treats menopause symptoms

Alloy is a digital-health startup that treats menopause symptoms.Kairos HQ and PACE Healthcare Capital participated in its $3.3 million seed round on Wednesday.Alloy is planning to launch a mail-order estrogen product in November.

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A pharmacist administers the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to a patient in a pharmacy in Roubaix as part of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination campaign in France, March 15, 2021.

Vaccines cut the risk of severe COVID-19 by at least 90% in a huge real-world study of 23 million people

Vaccines cut the risk of developing severe COVID-19 by at least 90%, a study of 23 million people finds.COVID-19 vaccine protection lasted for at least five months in people aged 50 to 75, it found.It adds to a growing body of real-world evidence that vaccines hold up against severe COVID-19.

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