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The idea spawned from my ranting about how I wish “my rational left brain could just shut-up my emotional right brain so I could stop ‘trying’ for the 800th time like it would really make a difference”.

AMS Golden – 14 July 2021

The Back Flap

For anyone who has known the struggle of having to choose between the rational (left) and imaginative (right) parts of their brain, and then had to fight the battle over the head and the heart, this book is for you. These are based on thoughts and conversations I’ve had with myself, The Left, The Right, and The Heart over the last 10 years of my life. Maybe you’ll even recognize some of you in some of it.

About the book

What is the book about?

Conversations from the Left, Right, & Heart (to be condensed as “CftLRH” going forward) is an emotional collection of modern poetry-style writing, interwoven with pieces creatively written to portray life struggles of choosing whether to follow your head or your heart with each being personified into a family unit.

When did you start writing the book?

I began my work on “CftLRH” in the Fall of 2020 (September). Earlier in the year I had been laid-off (as many were during the time) and with the extra time I picked up reading again. It was while reading a book of poetry that I joked, “I could do this type of thing…”, and my husband shrugged and said, “So do it.” I began shuffling through old notebooks, blog posts, and word documents and managed to compile a list of pieces that I felt were worth the time and energy to edit into a manuscript worth self-publishing.

How long did it take you to write it?

Considering that I’ve been writing since grade-school it didn’t take too long to pull together a myriad of pieces that later became “CftLRH”. By the time I edited/wrote the last piece in the book, it had taken from September 2020 to the end of November 2020.

Where did you get the idea from?

The idea spawned from my ranting about how I wish “my rational left brain could just shut-up my emotional right brain so I could stop ‘trying’ for the 800th time like it would really make a difference”.

Were there any parts of the book where you struggled?

So many! When you are writing poetry it’s emotional, raw, personal… So many times, I questioned whether a piece was too much or too raw or whether others needed to know that about me. In the end, some were not included. Others were.

What came easily?

Surprisingly, the unique pieces of the “Left, Right, & Heart” in their turmoil. And the cover design! I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like and immediately after thinking about it, set out to create it.

We all know how important it is for writers to read. Are there any particular authors that have influenced how you write and, if so, how have they influenced you?

Iain Thomas, Andrea Gibson, and Courtney Peppernell are among my favorite poetry authors. I also love to read books by Marc- Uwe Kling, Dostoyevsky, Hemingway, and a lot of non-fiction!

Do you have a target reader?

I don’t think so? I have been under the impression it’s mostly women, ages 16-30, though.

About Writing

Do you have a writing process? If so can you please describe it?

I simply sit in a quiet space, sometimes play music, and word vomit onto a page. Editing happens at least 24 hours later. There is no real “process”. I don’t often sit down and say, “And now, we’re going to write something!” I just let it come naturally.

Do you outline? If so, do you do so extensively or just chapter headings and a couple of sentences?

Hardly! Even in drawing…

Do you edit as you go or wait until you’ve finished?

100% edit as I go, otherwise I fear I may miss something!

Did you hire a professional editor?

When I signed up with the publishing agency, they offered proofing for an additional fee that I did take up. However, they missed so many typos that I too had originally missed that I think next time around, I may just proofread two-weeks apart (clearing my expectations so I can see the writing clearly) and do it myself, honestly.

Do you listen to music while you write? If yes, what gets the fingers tapping?

Sometimes! I listen to a lot of different stuff… 80’s pop and alternative, 90’s alternative, the “indie” station… A lot of German rap, believe it or not… And lately, a LOT of AJR.

About Publishing

Did you submit your work to Agents?

No! I chickened out at that level… I sort of wish I hadn’t, but… I’m happy with how I did things, regardless. No regrets!

What made you decide to go Indie, whether self-publishing or with an indie publisher? Was it a particular event or a gradual process?

I figured I’d retain more individuality/personality by going “self-published”. I can proudly say that this book is all me.

Did you get your book cover professionally done or did you do it yourself?

Nope! That was all me! (I even surprised myself!)

Do you have a marketing plan for the book or are you just winging it?

Honestly? Winging it… I don’t know how proud I am of that. But… It’s a learning experience!

Any advice that you would like to give to other newbies considering becoming Indie authors?

Just do it! The only person holding you back is yourself. Just think of how amazing it’ll feel to know that you’ve created something immortal—around forever… You have that power. And maybe, something you write will inspire or help someone else in some way. At a minimum it’s something you can be proud of yourself for and who doesn’t want a reason to feel proud of themselves for?

About You

Where did you grow up?

Do you know George R.R. Martin? Cool! I grew up in that same small New Jersey town!

Where do you live now?

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you… No. Honestly, I don’t share this very openly due to a history of having had a stalker. Sorry!

What would you like readers to know about you?

I am a coffee-addicted, true-crime nerd of a bunny mom. And if any of that resonates with you… Let’s be friends!

What are you working on now?

I am working on a sequel book– Divorce of the Left & Right (or “dotlar”) as well as tirelessly trying to get back into the workforce. I love writing, but staying at home all the time is not for me.

End of Interview:

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