Impressive Halloween display makes the viral 12-foot-tall skeleton look small

Ohio resident Alan Perkins created an elaborate display of a massive skeleton breaking out his home.

Perkins has been constructing the skeleton for 25 days, and he mounted the the arms and hands onto his house on Oct. 10. His display will be completed when he adds the skeleton’s skull breaking through the roof of his house.

Alan Perkins created a stunning skeleton display in his yard.
Credit: alan perkins

The homemade skeleton hand is holding none other than the 12-foot-tall Home Depot skeleton that went viral in 2020, and continues to bring joy to pretty much the entire internet.

Perkins attaching the skeleton’s hand to his house.
Credit: alan perkins

The skeleton is made out of foam and Perkins used PVC armature for support which he described as “the skeleton’s skeleton” in an email to Mashable.

Before and after shaping the skeleton’s hands.
Credit: alan perkins

“I cut into the foam, glued the PVC in with spray foam, and shaped the pieces. The outside is coated in glue and sand to hard coat it a bit for abrasion when putting it up and it is water proofed with some clear exterior sealer,” Perkins wrote.

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Perkins bought the foam off of Craigslist five years ago and got the idea for the display three years ago.

“A few years ago, I saw a tree poking through a roof like they bought a Christmas tree that was too big. I thought it was fun and wanted to make a Halloween twist on it. I thought, wouldn’t it be neat if it looked like a skeleton was breaking out of my home? And that started the wheels turning,” said Perkins.

Perkins had some help from his children who are six and eight years old. “They like to paint glue on or carry the pieces,” said Perkins.

“I posted my display to the small Haunt club page, so others could drive by if in the area and it just took off like a wildfire. I stopped trying to follow the notifications. They moved too fast to even click on,” said Perkins.

The Cleveland Haunt Club is an organization that supports the Northeast Ohio haunt scene. The Facebook group where Perkins posted photos of his display had been private but was changed to public around the time he posted his photos. Since then 10,000 people have joined the group.

This isn’t the first impressive display Perkins has created. In the past he’s made a spiderweb labyrinth and a life-size Lego Batmobile for his son to sit in.

In the past Perkins made a spiderweb labyrinth.
Credit: Alan perkins
He also built a Lego Batmobile for his son.
Credit: alan perkins

However, no matter how impressive Perkins’ displays are he has never gotten more than 30 trick-or-treaters because of his location on a side street that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic.

Perkins is the only one in his neighborhood that goes all out for Halloween, but one of his neighbors loaned him the 12-foot skeleton for his display.

The twelve foot captured skeleton is courtesy of Perkins’ neighbor.
Credit: alan perkins

Perkins has also decorated a local covered bridge.

A bridge Perkins decorated a couple of Halloweens ago.

His displays aren’t limited to Halloween. In the past he created a mega Christmas tree out of a flag pole and lights.

Perkins also created a massive Christmas display in his yard.
Credit: alan perkins

[h/t: Rob Sheridan]

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