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I have cancer at just 6 years old. Help me please!

Campaign started on: May,7, 2021
Name and surname: Raducu Maya
City: Reșița, Caraș-Severin County,Romania
Age: 6 years old
Diagnosis: Grade III biphasic nephroblastoma
Concrete needs: Financial support to cover the expenses related to the disease.
Necessary amount: 18000 Euro

Maya is my little treasure. Although she is only 6 years old, she is a fighter in the true sense of the word.

My little one was born on December 25, 2014. Yes, with a beautiful holiday, a sweet soul was born, which from that moment became the center of my universe. Cute and limp, just like a gentle snowdrop.

I never imagined that one late autumn day my little girl’s life would change radically. Following a severe fall in the yard of the house, we decided to take Maya to the hospital if she had been seriously injured in the womb and would have needed medical care. But I did not imagine that the doctor would give us a diagnosis that would irreparably change our lives.

Maya was 4 years old when I found out she had Cancer. She kept asking me when we would go home because she was tired and missed her toys. I didn’t even know what words I could use to explain to a child that he had just been given a seriously worrying diagnosis. Honestly, I think even I refused to believe it was true. I just wanted it to be a misunderstanding, a mistake.

But the result of the analysis could not be disputed: CANCER. A kidney cancer. I had gone to the hospital to treat a fall, really serious, but not life-threatening for my child… And we came back with the diagnosis of cancer.

An ugly, painful, ruthless disease. Maya was stung hundreds of times and her pain, the torment she suffered every day, amplified my inability to help her. All the children her age were playing hide and seek and she didn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to play like them anymore. Hope. She is the one who strengthened me so that I could hold my child by the hand in the period that followed. Surgery, specific and unpleasant treatments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy… Sufferings that were endured not by a slender body, in its prime, but by a limp body, but with an indisputable desire to live.

However, somehow the disease left her at some point to rest. In January 2021, she underwent surgery and after that, Maya was supposed to get rid of the torment. I hoped with all my heart that I got rid of the terrible pain and I hoped that we would forget this nightmare, but this year the cancer recurred.

We are currently waiting at the Geissweg Clinic in Germany, where we will continue my little girl’s journey to healing. But the expenses that lie ahead of us are enormous… That’s why I turn to your support. Of those who want to lend a helping hand to my little girl.

With the family, although we tried, it is impossible for us to cover the necessary costs on our own. Please do not remain indifferent to our suffering! Maya needs your help!

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