How to disable Instagram’s new sensitive content controls

Instagram recently rolled out an update that automatically limits the sensitive content that comes up on your Explore feed. Read on to learn how to turn off the sensitive content control that could limit the type of content you see in the app.

This week Instagram quietly introduced sensitive content control, which automatically limits the amount of “sensitive content” that shows on your Explore tab. In the app sensitive content is defined vaguely as “photos and videos that could be upsetting or offensive.” Instagram gives the examples of “content that may be sexually suggestive or violent” and “content that may be about drugs or firearms.”

So far it is unclear what content is being limited, but users, especially those those who rely on Instagram to display their artwork, are concerned about their content and feeds being censored.

The update automatically placed every Instagram profile in “Limit,” though there are options to limit even more content, or to limit none.

To change your feed back to how it was before the update or to limit even more content, follow the steps below.

How to disable sensitive content control update on Instagram:

1. Open Instagram

2. Navigate to your profile

3. Tap the three black lines in the top right hand corner

Select the three black lines to navigate to Settings.
Credit: screenshot: Instagram

4. Select “Settings”

Tap “Settings.”
Credit: Screenshot: Instagram

5. Select “Account”

Sensitive Content Control is hidden in Settings under Account.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

6. Select “Sensitive Content Control”

Select “Sensitive Content Control.”
Credit: Screenshot: instagram

7. Tap the white circle next to “Allow”

Select the white circle to change your settings back to how they were before the update.
Credit: screenshot: Instagram

8. Hit “OK”

Tap “OK” to finish the job.
Credit: Screenshot: Instagram

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