How to create a Group Session on Spotify

If you want to listen to a new album or podcast with all your long-distance besties, and you don’t want to just hold your phone up to your speakers, try creating a Group Session on Spotify.

Last year Spotify unveiled Group Sessions for Spotify Premium users. Group Sessions allow Premium users to listen to music or podcasts simultaneously with up to five friends who also have premium accounts, no matter where they are in the world. All users in a group session can pause, play, skip, and queue music.

Follow the steps below to listen to music at the exact same time as your friends.

How to create a group session on Spotify:

1. Open Spotify

2. Play a song

3. Tap the icon in the bottom left hand corner

Tap the icon in the bottom left hand corner.
Credit: screenshot / Spotify

4. Scroll down and select “Start Session”

Tap “Start Session” to create your group listening session.
Credit: screenshot / Spotify

5. Have friends scan the Spotify code or invite them via text message

The Spotify QR code is found in a brown rectangle at the bottom of the session and scanning it will add a user to the session. The other way to add friends to the session is to tap “Invite friends” to share the URL to the group session over text message. You won’t get a notification when someone joins your group session, but you can see if anyone is in your group session at anytime by tapping the computer and speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Select “Invite friends” to message your friends the link to the group session or have friends scan the QR code to join.
Credit: Screenshot: Spotify

6. To end a group session tap the icon in the bottom left hand corner again scroll down and select “End session.”

Tap “End session” to end the group session.
Credit: screenshot / spotify

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