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how i (hope to) get my life together

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hello friends, i hope you’re doing well! in the beginning of 2021, i said i’d “get my life together,” then proceeded to fall off the face of blogging and suffer from severe burn out. i’m still working on it, but the past month was dedicated to acceptance and forgiveness. i’m learning to be okay with not getting everything done immediately. but i think i’m finally arriving at a place where i’m ready to transition towards a better version of myself.

so. here’s how i hope to get my life together.

01. bring back a morning and night routine.

the laster end of 2020 was bearable because of my consistency with a morning and night routine. i woke up, skincare, made my bed, journaled, meditated, and worked out. for the most part. but since then, my mornings have been incredibly inconsistent and i lost the sense of clarity for my days. i took my morning routine for granted and now realize the repercussions. so, i’m hoping to start with restarting my night routine, which would hopefully improve my morning routine.

02. work out more consistently and eat mindfully.

this is a goal i constantly work on. it’s one i know makes me feel more energized, positive, and happy; but (like morning/night routines) it’s hard to stay consistent!!! (the never ending struggle.) i’m thinking of ways to keep myself accountable – having goals with friends, documenting in my journal, etc. – and hopefully that will help. we can do it, fam!!! i’m tired of feeling like an extremist and crashing and burning.

03. declutter my physical spaces.

SO. i wanted to do this in janurary, on my long list of things i wanted to do in Q1 of 2021 as my ~new year plan~. but i became exhausted and never actually decluttered :D. cleaning up my physical spaces will definitely make my inner self feel more at ease, but it’s the act of starting that’s tough. i unhauled a bunch of books and need to list them on my shop; i need to unhaul clothes i haven’t worn in 2+ years; and i’d love to redecorate parts of my room.

04. declutter my digital spaces.

proud to say i’m doing a pretty good job at doing this!! this is mostly thanks to idenati. idenati is a site that’s really helped me declutter and organize my internet spaces. i organize all my projects, school, work, and personal things on idenati and don’t have to worry about that. instead, i can dedicate that time and energy to cleaning up my mac folders and storage. but even then, i’m doing good in that regard. celebrate your victories! i talked more in depth on how i’m using idenati in my day to day life here:

05. schedule breaks.

i struggle with saying no and creating work-life balance because much of my work is life. FUN. i started working on this last year, but fell off the bandwagon the last few months. i’m hoping to dedicating an “event” each week for myself – be it hiking, doing my nails, reading for leisure, or other things for pleasure. i’m also trying to go go go, but it’s equally important to refill your energy.

what are some goals you’re working on? let me know in the comments!

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