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Help me have surgery and stop suffering!

Campaign started on: 07 May 2021
Name and surname: Ursu Valentina
City: Loc. Mironeasa, Iasi County,Romania
Age: 11 years
Diagnosis: Spina bifida, Hydrocephalus, Ombredanne’s disease, Exostosis disease, Valgus
Concrete needs: Funds needed for the operation to be performed at Monza Hospital
Necessary amount: 15000 Euro
Hospital: Monza Hospital
The operation will be performed at: Monza Hospital


Today we start a very urgent fundraiser for an 11-year-old girl who was diagnosed with several diseases at birth. Because of them, he was able to walk for the first time at the age of four and a half.

She urgently needs surgery because she also suffers from a bone disease, exostosis. The treatment of exostotic disease consists in the removal of very voluminous exostoses, which cause pain, joint limitations, nerve or vascular compressions or massive bone deformities.

In addition, Valentina has to wear orthoses because she also has valgus on her foot. Unfortunately, time is Valentine’s biggest enemy, because the operation is scheduled for May 18, she being rescheduled due to lack of money.

We appeal in this way to all the good people who can and want to help her. ANY HELP IS HUGE!

The pain of some struggling parents: Valentina was born a special baby. She was diagnosed with many diseases from birth and I often thought I was losing her… The diseases she was diagnosed with prevented her from walking and there was a time when I thought she would never walk again. But, fortunately, at almost 5 years old, she started to take her first steps, even if it was harder because of the valgus. We are very happy for her and we would like to do everything we can to see her as a normal baby.

Unfortunately, after undergoing a hip operation two years ago, Valentina had an exostozon on her knee muscles that pressed on her muscles and veins and the only rescue is a surgical operation. Unfortunately, the operation being very sensitive and delicate, the doctors from the state hospitals refused us, on the grounds that it is too complicated. Desperate, I went to the doctor who operated on Valentina in the past and we were accepted to operate on her again. The operation will be performed at Monza Hospital, but due to lack of money, we had to reschedule it.

Unfortunately, Valentina is in great pain and every day ends with a Nurofen… all in order to relieve her pain. Valentina is a very smart little girl, on the 4th grade, and we as parents really want her to be able to be a normal baby. We want to be able to raise the money we need to operate it.

Please help us give our little girl a normal life!

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