Have we been pronouncing ‘Kelce’ wrong for nine years?

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The perfect July 14 story has made it to Arrowhead Pride.

When the news began making the rounds on Twitter on Tuesday, we at Arrowhead Pride thought it had to be a practical joke or a sham. Had we been pronouncing the “Kelce” in Kansas City Chiefs tight end “Travis Kelce” wrong since 2013?

The buzz was that it is pronounced “Kelss” rather than “KEL-see” stemmed from Kelce’s December 2020 appearance on Barstool Sports’ “Bussin’ With the Boys” podcast. Fast forward to around the 3:30 mark.

“I’ve got ‘KEL-see’ and I’ve got ‘Kelss,’” said Kelce. “My real name is ‘Kelss,’ so I mean, I just kind of roll with the punches.”

Uh, what?

FOX4’s Howard Kuntz then dug up this clip that was made ahead of the 2020 AFC championship game:

Via YouTube, Travis Kelce’s pronounced it ‘the other way’ before. This was in the lead-up to the 2020 AFC Championship vs. Titans #Chiefs pic.twitter.com/G9mF3GMfLy

— Harold R. Kuntz (@HaroldRKuntz3) July 14, 2021

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, wide receiver Tyreek Hill and running back Clyde Edwards-Healire soon tweeted what we were all thinking.

so I’ve been saying his name wrong this entire time

— Ty Hill (@cheetah) July 14, 2021

Kells? Kelcey? Kelce?
Halare? Helare? Helaire?
Heel? Heal? Hill?
Harmen? Hartmen? Hardman?
This gone be tough ‍♂️

— GLYDE (@Clydro_22) July 14, 2021

Digging into how this could have possibly happened, I got as far back as 2007, when Philadelphia Eagles center and Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, was a member of the University of Cincinnati football team as a walk-on.

The wild Kel-see/Kelse mixup roots back to 2007. Here is the University of Cincinnati pronunciation guide from that season, when a walk-on named Jason Kelce saw action in nine games along the offensive line in his redshirt freshman season. pic.twitter.com/hKaZWW2lfm

— Pete Sweeney (@pgsween) July 14, 2021

The guide reads, “KEL-see,” so when Travis came along in 2008, so too stuck the incorrect pronunciation (we think) — and it made it all the way to 2013, when he was drafted by the Chiefs now nine years ago.

So, we’ve been saying Kelce wrong this whole time?? pic.twitter.com/4i8LbUWLZ1

— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) July 14, 2021

The big question is this: well, what happens now? Is it KEL-see or Kelss? Is this a joke?

How will you handle the situation?

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