HaBO: Server Heroine Recognized by Wealthy Hero at a Fundraiser

This HaBO request is from Marie, who is looking for this contemporary romance:

I paused reading a contemporary romance a few months ago and haven’t been able to finish it because I can’t remember what book it was! I have a bad habit of reading many books at once and somehow let this one get buried. I have tried looking at my KU and public library histories to find it. Likewise, my Kindle library. No luck.

As I recall, the heroine is struggling financially. The hero is at least comfortable money-wise but more likely is well-off. At one point, the heroine gets a spur-of-the-moment catering server position for the evening. The hero and some of his buddies or colleagues were attending a fundraiser or awards dinner. I think the hero was a speaker, host, or awardee. The heroine tries to avoid being seen by male group but one friend recognizes her and catches her eye. She might have fled the dinner or something else happened because I think she didn’t get paid for night’s work and knows she won’t get called for more work.

The male and female might have broken up before that point in the story.

Sound familiar?

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