HaBO: Hero Takes in Unwanted Children

This HaBO comes from Mary, who is hoping to find this historical romance:

This is similar to a medieval romance or maybe later historical. Here’s what I remember:

I read it earlier than 2016.
I think that is about a governess, a nanny or maybe a arranged marriage, (something alone in the lines).
I remember that the man is very wealthy, maybe a gentleman, or something like that.
He has many children. I don’t remember how many, but is more than four.
The man has a bad reputation, like everyone thinks he is a womanizer, because the children aren’t from the same woman. (He isn’t a widower.)
The plot is that the heroine obviously fall in love with him, but discovers that the kids aren’t biologically his.
At one point, the hero explains that sex workers leave the unwanted children at his castle or house, and he takes care of them.
He is friends with an older lady. I think she used to be a sex worker and sometimes she brought him children.

Does anyone know this one?

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