Get a $15 Amazon credit just for trying Amazon Photos

TL;DR: Prime members who back up their pics to Amazon Photos for the first time can get a $15 Amazon credit.

No matter how much storage your phone has, it never seems like enough to hold all the pictures you take. Which means you have to back them up externally.

Amazon wants you to give Amazon Photos a whirl, so it’s offering a $15 incentive. Through July 31, Prime members who upload at least one photo to the Amazon Photos app for the first time can receive a $15 credit to be used on Amazon orders of $30 or more.

Amazon Photos gives you unlimited full-resolution storage via a mobile or desktop app. The photos can even sync with your Amazon devices if you want, which means you can set backgrounds and screensavers with your personal photos on devices like the Echo Show or Fire TV.

You’ll also get peace of mind that all of your uploaded pictures are backed up and secure, even if you lose your phone.

If you’re a Prime member and haven’t tried Amazon Photos yet, give it a go and get a $15 Amazon credit when you upload at least one picture.

Credit: Amazon

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