Fossil Neutra hybrid smartwatch has its own classic appeal

The Fossil Neutra is unlike the scores of smartwatch devices currently dotting the market. For it isn’t one in the truest sense of the term. Rather, it’s a hybrid watch that comes with mechanical ‘hands’ that are there in any conventional watch. However, it also features an E Ink display that shows the information the sort of which you’d find in any smartwatch out there.

Another unique feature of the watch is the use of a brown E Ink display, which makes for a nice combination with the hour letter that has a golden touch to them. Another model has a black dial that too makes a stunning contrast against the silver-colored body. The dial otherwise is all of 45 mm, which is spacious enough to display different information.

With an E Ink display on board, the benefits are manifold – excellent readability even in the sun, and really long battery life. Charge it once and the watch can remain active for two weeks at a stretch. The watch is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices and is paired via Bluetooth tech. Suitable notifications get displayed on the watch with a small vibration letting the user know of the incoming notification.

The watch also includes an app that will let you select the sort of information you’d like to see on your watch. Plus, there is also the provision to add pictures that you have on your smartphones, which comes across as another way to customize the way the watch looks.

The watch does not have a touchscreen surface though since the top comprises of a durable windshield that also acts to protect the watch as well. Rather, it is the three buttons on the side that would be needed to operate the watch. The windshield however isn’t entirely a passive attachment as gently tapping it twice will light up the display, which is extremely handy for viewing the display at night.

Developed by Fossil and its subsidiary brand Skagen, the company said they would continue to keep working on more hybrid watch devices that would have the classic appeal of the conventional watch while also being as practical as a smartwatch usually is.

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