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farewell & foresight: october 2020

farewell, october


is it just me or was this the most unoctober october ever??? i wanted to bask in the spooky season, but also like, do nothing. the main reason i felt this way was because of notifications with “this day last year.” in every year since i was five, september, october, and november were months strictly reserved for ballet performance season/rehearsals. and now that i’m wearing sweaters again but still doing the same things as march to september, my brain is like ??????? what is time??

<img src=”https://www.twirlingpages.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/43C3D2C3-249C-4E43-941D-25A66ED1821F_1_105_c.jpeg” alt=”probably one of the most delish meals i tried!! probably one of the most delish meals i tried!! okonomi kitchen’s vegan kimchi tofu scramble some polaroids from adventures with @theseoulsearchpraying for the best

but anyway, october: i got to meet up with a few friends for the first time and it was so so wonderful. :”) (socially distanced!!) i joined my school’s student association and felt like an actual student (maybe?). i voted, did a makeup transformation, tried new recipes, and bought WAY too much stuff – not in that order. all in all, october wasn’t terrible. there were definitely moments of frustration – the number of times the power went out in my house,,, – but what can you do. coping mechanisms have been to sleep at 4am because i’m stress shopping korean stickers but we don’t talk about that and we’re trying to get better.


woww 8 weeks of the semester done but has anyone seen my motivation? i can’t seem to find it… haha but jokes aside, even starting on this wrap-up took a lot – i had the tab open for days and it would just stare at me, reminding me to hurry up and write before the month ended.

for once, i’m not surprised that it’s already the end of the month! october was a pretty busy and eventful month for me, with classes and midterms and homework and club stuff and calling friends and traveling to the east coast ahhh. there were a lot of really good moments this month but i’m glad it’s over so i can get some rest. we don’t have classes on monday and tuesday because of election day holiday/fall break and i’m SO grateful – really needing that break rn. BUT i guess the problem is that i still don’t quite know how to rest haha, so my question to you all is, how do you rest?

with that, some highlights of october: learning to embroider, getting into a class i applied to take next semester, seeing the sunset from the plane, BOSTONNNN, fall vibes, celebrating my friend’s birthday in person (!!), good food, witnessing a proposal, eating kbbq at my friend’s house, sunsets, deep conversations, NYC, riverside park (my favorite nyc park), meals/coffee dates/walks with friends, cafes in flushing, sitting on low steps, more kbbq, taking lots of photos, re-watching inside out on the plane, eating persimmons that my mom peeled and cut <3, the creamiest/milkiest soft serve.

enjoy this large gallery of photos:

media consumed


a goal of mine for the remainder of the year (and beyond) is to dedicate time each week to watch films, shows, and read. so! i started watching Haikyuu!! this month with those on my discord, and Legend of Korra with my patreon/discord boosters (incl priscilla!! ily). i intended to watch American Horror Story: Cult because 1) halloween and 2) election (h a h) but i never got around to it. maybe it’s ultimately a good thing. i did get my spooky vibes from reading The Bone Witch!!

in terms of films, i *finally* watched In the Mood for Love and it was so ;–; good. it made me appreciate cinema and art and culture and UGH. i love. other notable mention is The Social Dilemma, but honestly, the film didn’t offer anything i didn’t already know – yes tech and social media is corrupt but i still use sigh.


i can’t remember what i read/watched but here’s my current on rotation playlist – hope you all enjoy! also, here are some artists i’ve been vibing with recently: hillsong worship, day6, tiffany day, finneas, kim areum, luke chiang, coin, cody fry.

foresights of november


i have my month all planned out to the week and date, but i know the election is probably going to flip everything upside down and overthrow all semblance of normalcy i’m grasping for :))) i honestly don’t know what to expect. it feels like we’re living in a dystopian novel and i’m experiencing my life through a third-person pov, but it’s fiiiiiine. no matter what happens, we’ll be fine. (right?)

even so, i like to have goals so here goes:

have a consistent morning and night routine!!! – my sleep schedule has gone through the drain this past month and i’m determined to fix it!!try nanowrimo??? – it’s been two days into november and i’m already behind so… we’ll see if i actually follow throughcommit to my goals – this was a big issue last month. i’d start something new, feel motivated for the first few days, then fall off the cliff, abandon everything, and feel guilt. hopefully, that doesn’t happen again.


i really have no idea what to expect from november haha. it’ll hopefully be a chiller month in terms of school and socialization, but AHH the election is coming up, which is kinda scary. guess we’ll see how things unravel over the next few months…..

how was your october? let us know in the comments!

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