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farewell & foresight: november 2020

farewell, november


ahh november. you’re finally (and already?!) over. can you believe the US elections were this month? that in itself felt five months long, and at least a month ago. then the days started to get so dark at like 4pm and the seasonal depression was real. at least i got some good sunset pictures from it.

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the day to day activities of november were a slow crawl to the end of the year. as the days continued, i felt myself losing motivation to work on my studies, myself, and my work. (but being me, i still did the work.) i used the last week to step back and reset. i deleted social media for a week, went on an adventure with a friend (safely!), and caught up on media i missed. now that thanksgiving break is coming to a close, i feel back to myself & ready to finish the year on a strong note. we can do it, team!!!


only one month left of 2020!! i’m honestly very excited that this year is almost over, and although the changing of the year won’t magically fix everything, i have more hope for 2021 :’) anyway! we’ll keep this month’s updates short and sweet. after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

media consumed


this month, i watched blackpink: light up the sky (2020), knock down the house (2019), frances ha (2012), house of hummingbird (2018), and tigertail (2020). i made it a goal to watch (at least) a film a week and it made me so happpyyyyy to have dedicated ~2-hours to pure enjoyment each week. i think one of my goals for 2021 will be to watch 50 movies because i realize,, I LOVE MOVIES. (follow me on letterboxd for my progress~)

in terms of shows, i finished season 1 of haikyuu!! with those in my discord and it’s SO GOOD why did i wait this long to watch it T–T (oikawa 4ever <333). i spontaneously binge-watched dash & lily and it made me SO HAPPY AND SAPPY. i read the book years ago and honestly think the show is better than the book. *eyeballs emoji* as for shows in progress: legend of korra (which i watched with priscilla! :’)), persona, violet evergarden, mismatched, accidentally in love (although tbh this is getting so cringey idk if i want to continue,,).

lastly!! books!!! i hardly read until i did a 24 reading vlog lol. this month i finished these violent delights, by chloe gong (which debuted on the nyt bestsellers list!!!! I’M SO PROUD), atomic habits, by james clear, and pachinko, by min jin lee (aka subtle asian book club‘s botm!). i’m currently working on sour heart, by jenny zhang (which is so good i bought a physical copy in addition to my audiobook) and the poppy war, by r.f. kuang (again). i consider it a VERY successful month of media.


i’ve been re-reading harry potter and really falling back in love with the story and all the characters (and remembering how much i dislike draco, snape, and umbridge). now that i’m almost done re-reading the series, i really really want to re-watch the movies too – maybe i’ll do a hp movie marathon during winter break!

i didn’t spend too much time on netflix this month (is it even worth continuing to pay for my subscription? sigh), but i watched a bit of community, the great british baking show, avatar the last airbender, and legend of korra (with xan!). i love love love xan’s goal of watching a movie a week and i kinda want to do something similar!! i am very uncultured especially with older movies HAHA so maybe i should work my way through some of the ~classics~. do y’all have any must-watch movies? or any go-to holiday movies?

foresights of december


ahh december!! FINALLY. holidays!! sag season!!! however, i’m most excited for this year to end. i think many can relate in this sentiment. we all want a fresh start, a new beginning. that’s something january of 2021 can (hopefully) offer us. but before the year ends, let’s cherish it as best as we can. (we deserve “i survived 2020” stickers.)

here are some things i’m looking forward to:

my sister visiting!! she’s coming to LA for a week and selling cakes, among other delicacies. if you’re in the area, please check it out~~the semester ending!! my first semester back to school is OVER. i just want my finals to be done and over with :’)christmas and new year holidays!!! because i’m still a sentimental person at heart :pleading:working out consistently & keeping up with my goals – i’m DETERMINED to keep myself accountable. (but then again, i say that at the start of every month)


oh man we’re sooo close to the end of the year, but first i have to get through the last two weeks of classes and finals. so many assignments and projects coming up and i can’t say i’m not stressed…. but we’ll get through it!! and then it’ll be WINTER BREAK and i’ll get to really really ~rest~ for a couple of weeks and i absolutely cannot wait.

i wonder why i always bother setting goals when i never keep up with them, but i want to take better care of myself physically (as well as mentally and spiritually but we can focus on physical this month!). i want to be more consistent in exercise and hopefully work out at least a little bit every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes. but honestly i just want to be more active overall, and i’d be really happy with working out every other day too! i can’t even say i want to get back into shape, because, well, have i ever really been in shape? hahaha well i guess it’s a process~ wishing you all a peaceful december!

how was your november? let us know in the comments!

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