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farewell & foresight: january 2021

farewell, january

the first month of 2021 is over!! i, like many, was very motivated to ~get my life together~ and achieve all of my life goals in the span of 30 days which (obviously) did not happen and took a toll on my energy levels. in all honesty, this past month was tiring. this was due to a plethora of factors but primarily because i resumed school. there was a lot more work than anticipated. (cries) thankfully, my quick intersession is closing soon and my academic workload will go back to a realistic pace – as with the rest of my life!

my plans for january and 2021 (but in reality it was me overexerting myself h a h)

school and work aside, i had a solid start to the new year. although it feels like nothing has changed (still at home, lockdown persists) or things got worse (capitol breach, covid cases rise), things feel weirdly hopeful. my plants are thriving; i got into mechanical keyboards and am (im)patiently waiting for my package; my sister moved back to LA; i have a 110% in my class; i’m keeping up with my friends; life feels okay. things feel weird but possible.

media consumed

maybe my favorite movie of the month??

much of my month was spent watching movies, mostly because i had to for my chinese cinema course. once i’m done with this class, i’m thinking of sharing all my thoughts on the movies watched! in addition, i adamantly watched true beauty as the episodes were being released. the show is really not good but i can’t help but be addicted. the series is ending this week so i’m a bunch of mixed emotions. i’ve also been listening way too many songs from THE BOYZ (thanks to breana @milkyboos) and Henry (after i realized he released a new album… like two years ago). (bloom bloom is a BOP)

foresights of february

ahh february. this is a short month, but i’m planning on:

finishing my winter intersession & starting spring semester – (finally)get back into blogging & instagram – do i say this every month?? maybe. but maybe this is the month i’ll finally do something about it !!prioritize recovery & balance – january felt like a sprint and i’m experiencing the repercussions ;-; now i know to take time off when necessary and don’t be too hard on myself. i say this all the time, but it’s something that needs constant reminding.read (for real lol) – seriously!!! i actually have a reading plan (or so she says)

how was your december? let us know in the comments!

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