Extremists fueled by conspiracies and Capitol riots pose ‘greatest domestic terrorism threat,’ intelligence warns

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MILITIA mobs, white supremacists, and QAnon obsessives inspired by the Capitol riots pose a greater terror threat in the US than ISIS this year, an intelligence report warns.

A joint intelligence bulletin by the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center also warns brainwashed extremists are ready to “martyr” themselves for the cause.

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ReutersTrump supporters stormed the US Capitol building on January 6[/caption]

Getty Images – GettyPolice were overwhelmed by the violent mob[/caption]

Police drew guns as rioters tried to enter the House chamber

The bulletin was issued to law enforcement agencies across the US following the storming of Congress by a mob of Trump supporters last week.

Intelligence experts warned right-wing extremists view the January 6 Capitol riots – which left five dead – as a “success.”

The bulletin came as President Donald Trump said in an address on Wednesday that “mob violence goes against everything I believe in.”

Trump said he “unequivocally condemn[s] the violence that we saw last week. Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country and no place in our movement.”

Getty Images – GettyHundreds of Trump massed on the US Capitol on January 6[/caption]

“No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Trump released another message urging peace in the days leading up to the transition of power, as Joe Biden’s administration prepares to move in.

But the intelligence community continues to warn of potential further attacks, saying anti-government plotters see violence “as a step toward achieving their initiatives.”

And much like ISIS fanatics, they “consider the death of a perceived like-minded individual as an act of martyrdom.”

STEPHANIE KEITHA total of five people were killed in the mayhem[/caption]

EPATrump fans fill the hall under the Capitol Rotunda[/caption]

A mob smashed their way into the Capitol building

Police struggled to hold back the rioters

ReutersMembers of the right-wing Oath Keepers paramilitary group were pictured at the protest[/caption]

The bulletin lists the threat from paramilitary groups, racist extremists, and obsessives “citing political grievances,” who together “will very likely pose the greatest domestic terrorism threats in 2021.”

It says: “In 2021, threats and plotting of illegal activity, including the destruction of property and violence targeting officials at all levels of the government, law enforcement, journalists, and infrastructure… will very likely increase.”

And it warns last week’s breach of the US Capitol will “very likely will serve as a significant driver of violence for a diverse set of domestic violent extremists.”

It also predicts increased future collaboration between the various armed militia groups, white supremacists and QAnon conspiracy nuts, who are “galvanized” by their joint efforts at the Capitol.

ReutersPolice clash with a mob of Trump fans on January 6[/caption]

ReutersSome waved Confederate flags[/caption]

Some of those pictured rioting at Congress wore emblems of right-wing extremist groups such as Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers, whose leader has vowed to take up arms to keep Trump in power.

Another Capitol intruder wore a sweatshirt referencing Nazi death camp Auschwitz, and others carried Confederate flags.

The bulletin says “ideological drivers” including the QAnon conspiracy are likely to inspire “more sporadic, lone actor or small cell violence” against common targets like ethnic minorities, law enforcement, and government officials.


The joint intelligence report comes after the Secret Service reportedly warned of mass armed protests in Washington, DC, before and after Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

A loose internet-based network of right-wing extremists called the “Boogaloo Boys” has been identified as spearheading the planned demo.

AFP or licensorsA Qanon ‘shaman’ was among the hundreds who stormed inside[/caption]

TwitterOne Capitol invader wore a sick Camp Auschwitz sweatshirt[/caption]

Getty Images – GettySuspect Larry Brock was pictured in Congress in body armor and holding zip ties[/caption]

Donald Trump supporters clash with police at the west entrance of the Capitol on January 6

And the FBI said violent protests are expected in all 50 state capitals in the next two weeks.

Trouble could be worse outside DC as a massive security operation in the national capital is likely to keep any serious threats at bay, experts say.

Federal agents are investigating whether the January 6 Congress riot was a planned attack rather than a protest that got out of control.

Some invaders were armed with weapons and carrying zip ties, and a number of improvised bombs were discovered nearby.

More than 100 suspects have been arrested following the riots, but charge documents to do make reference to individuals’ membership of any extremists groups, AP reports.

Yesterday, Trump was impeached for the second time, accused of inciting insurrection.

He is alleged to have stoked supporters before they storm Congress to stop lawmakers from rubber-stamping the election result.

AP:Associated PressAn explosive device is shown outside of the Republican National Committee office last week[/caption]

STEPHANIE KEITHProtesters climbed the walls of the Capitol building on January 6[/caption]


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