Everything Apple revealed at its iPhone event

The highly anticipated Apple iPhone event took place on Tuesday, and we gots lots of news.

Coming into the big day, people in-the-know expected a few things to drop, chiefly the new iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 7, and perhaps new AirPods. But the event also kicked off with surprise news about its iPads, including the new iPad Mini.

Here’s what’s happened thus far, which will be continuously updated.

iPhone 13, the news you’ve all been waiting for

It’s the big news of the day that everyone expected. Apple announced the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini. The new iPhone comes in new colors, promises a better camera, a better display, and Apple’s chip, which the company claims outperforms its competitors.

Some specs on the new iPhone.
Credit: Screenshot: Apple

New Apple TV+ shows and movies

The first announcement was one we kind of already knew about. Apple announced new seasons for shows it already ran and a slate of new shows. Included in the announcements were:

The slate of fall TV shows and movies include Season 2 of The Morning Show, Finch starring Tom Hanks, Foundation, The Problem with John Stewart, Invasion, Swagger, and The Shrink Next Door starring Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell.

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A new iPad

Apple, in somewhat of a surprise, announced a new iPad and a new iPad mini.

The new iPad promised faster speeds, two times more storage, and the center stage feature — already available on the iPad Pro — that automatically adjusts the camera on video calls, which is a pretty neat feature during pandemic times.

It starts at $329.

A look at the new iPad.
Credit: screenshot: apple

A new iPad mini

A lot of folks online were super excited for the new iPad mini Apple announced on Tuesday. It has 5G, a USB-C port, center stage, and new colors. It starts at $499.

Tweet may have been deleted

Tweet may have been deleted

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple announced the newest, latest, and most advanced version of its incredibly popular watch.

There were a few major upgrades with the Series 7. It promised faster charging, a more durable design, an easier-to-read display, a full watch-face keyboard, and new colors.

The promotion video for the Apple Watch Series 7 even showed it measuring the distance of a golf drive and how many waves a surfer caught.

Look at these beauties.
Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Apple Fitness+

Right after announcing the Apple Watch, Apple announced its additions to Fitness+, the service designed to pair with the Apple Watch. The company announced you could pause workouts across devices, that it would add workouts of all lengths, and feature music by well-known artists.

A look at the Fitness+ details.
Credit: screenshot: Apple

This story is developing and is being updated in real time.

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