ESPN analyst says Seahawks have talent, system, and quarterback to win Super Bowl again

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Former NFL Quarterback -slash- current ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky is an interesting fella who can sometimes be a bit “all over the place” (kind of like his NFL career). But there are often some kernels of wisdom that can be gleaned from what he says.

In a somewhat rambling video that was posted on ESPN on Tuesday, Mr. Orlovsky says something (near the end) that might pique the interest of the 12s.

The initial question was: “Will Russell Wilson ever win another Super Bowl?”

Short answer: “Yes.”

Mr. Orlovsky is not a short-answer man though.

After spending almost two full minutes running through basically every other quarterback that’s “in his way,” Mr. Orlovsky finally talks about Russell Wilson directly, and …

What he says is pretty interesting.

“I actually think this year, they have his most talented football team offensively that he’s ever had. That’s going to be a good offense. I think the speed at the skill position-wise with the addition of Eskridge out of Western Michigan as a wide receiver is tremendous. Gerald Everett is going to be a huge addition at tight end. And the big thing for me offensively is they finally have a scheme that they don’t need to be so dependent on Russell being stupid good. Like they have a scheme that is going to allow Russell to just kind of play a little bit of pedestrian, boring quarterback at times. And then you could go be a star. We don’t need you to be a star for just for our offense to be functional, you can take this from really good to dominant offense. So I think they’ve got a really good football team this year. But I definitely see him winning a Super Bowl in the next eight to ten years.”

Personally, I love that statement – and not just because he both (a) used the phrase “stupid good,” and (b) implicitly gave Wilson “permission” to play “a bit of pedestrian, boring quarterback at times.”

I also like that he expects Russell Wilson to play for another 8 to 10 years, and …

I honestly think he hit the nail on the head when he said (indirectly) that Seattle has needed a star quarterback just to have a functional offense the last few years. That’s some real talk right there!

Bottom line: Imagine if Shane Waldron’s “magic” offense really is MAGIC for the Seahawks.

I’m in! I am excited! How about you?

Go Hawks!

ESPN video:

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