Elago’s Siri Remote case puts Apple’s AirTags to good use

It’s not crazy to think that Apple should’ve injected its extensive Find My Network for lost devices into the Siri Remote. (It is, after all, annoyingly easy to lose between the couch cushions). But the company didn’t, so Elago went ahead and created the Remote R5 case — equipped with a slot for an AirTag.

The R5 case is made of a thick silicone that protects the Apple TV remote from accidental drops. It also has a strap attached to it for extra security if you’re the clumsy type and a dedicated Siri button on its right side.

On the case’s inside, there’s a circular slot made specifically to house an AirTag. Simply drop the Bluetooth tracker in and secure the remote into the case to keep tabs on it.

The silicone case has a strap on the outside, a dedicated Siri button, and a slot for an AirTag on the inside.
Credit: elgato

Whenever you lose the remote, you can use your iPhone to trigger the AirTag’s sound to help locate it. And if you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, you can also use the AirTag’s Precision Finding feature to locate the remote using a combination of haptic feedback, graphics, and sound.

There are, however, a few important things to note. For starters, the case is only compatible with the newest Siri Remote, and you’ll need to buy both the remote and AirTags separately.

Elago’s R5 case will set you back $15, while the Siri Remote costs $59 and a single AirTag costs $99. So, in total, the setup comes out to $173.

That’s a steep price if you don’t already own both of those Apple products. But for the sake of your sanity, it’s probably worth it.

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