Eagles All-22 Film Review: Observations from the win over the Panthers

Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Hello BGN, it has been a while! However, I am back and will be having a film piece after each game from now on.

I will be breaking down film on my Twitter account and then uploading the tweets with some more analysis in this piece. I obviously cannot post everything so I will focus on certain things each week that stand out to me. I might see something a few times on film but only upload one example as you don’t need to see everything, so you will have to take my word if I say that I have seen something multiple times.

I am going to break down the offense followed by the defense each week and I will post the plays in order so you can see how the game played out. Sometimes I might focus on a specific area, I will see how each game plays out. I am simply choosing the most important plays and highlighting some players that stood out to me. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments and I look forward to discussing the game with you all. Let’s get to the film!


For the first 4 drive, the offense was basically RPOs, screen passes, swing passes to the RB, curl routes and the occasional run. It was a complete disaster. Nick Sirianni must have expected the Panthers to come out blitzing and aggressively getting up the field with their defensive ends but they did the opposite and the Eagles took way too long to adjust. Some of the calls had absolutely no chance of working.

Panthers DEs were excellent against the Eagles screen game early on. Eagles obviously expected them to fly upfield but they did the opposite and kept catching the RB from behind. Sirianni must have been surprised and should have changed things up quicker pic.twitter.com/9LGPyP1GE4

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

Something I’ve noticed with Jalen Hurts is his inability to read RPO’s correctly. I’m convinced he makes up his mind too early and fails to adjust to late movement.

Lot of talk about run/pass ratio but there’s a lot of RPOs being run. Hurts normally throws but chooses to run here… assuming this is an RPO he HAS to throw the bubble screen here because they are clearly 3on2 at the top of the screen pic.twitter.com/p8NP2O0Ciy

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

Speaking of Hurts, this is a tough play to make, but I would love to see him work on stepping up in the pocket without dropping his eyes.

3rd down, this is a tough play for a QB but I would love for Hurts to step up here and hit Smith at the top of the screen. Pocket is collapsing but sometimes you need to step up and left and not drop your eyes and look to run. It may take time but I want to see progress here. pic.twitter.com/uO3H8v2frD

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

On the plus side, he did show a good example of this later which proves he can do it!

THIS! I said earlier I want to see Hurts keep his eyes downfield and feel pressure rather than scramble. This is easily the best play of the first half. More of this please (and more targets to Smith) pic.twitter.com/srVKhF010G

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

Moving onto another 2020 draft pick! Jalen Reagor doesn’t play with great effort and, to be honest, he’s a bad route runner. He can do some things with the ball in his hands but I think the Eagles need to reduce his snap count and target him as little as possible.

2 WR route concept, Reagor just looks so unnatural running routes to me. He was primary read here. Can we try Watkins on these in the future? pic.twitter.com/b90AwhdgX3

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

Hurts had a couple of really bad misses that he will probably still be having nightmares about. Sirianni finally adjusted towards the end of the first half and had a couple of lovely play calls.

Again, didn’t need the all22 to see this again. Worse on 2nd look. Wide open, no pressure and he’s looking right at it. Just inaccurate. Nothing more to say. However, check out the speed of Watkins running the seam… he can FLY. pic.twitter.com/uRABjpExkc

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

*In the above clip, the seam route is run by DeVonta Smith and not Quez Watkins. I was shocked when someone pointed this out because to be honest I didn’t realise Smith could fly like this. I also LOVE the little hand up in the air when he knows he might come open.

Once again, another missed read in my opinion.

Another one where Hurts can probably hand off imo. Just not sure he reads all these RPOs correctly. pic.twitter.com/y1sguRCYRk

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

After a pretty horrendous start, Hurts does deserve credit for not completely going in the tank and making some lovely plays at the end of the game. I credit Sirianni for adjusting too when he realised the Panthers were sitting on the short passes and limiting YAC.

Quite clearly Hurts best play of the day. Very obvious and boring point but Hurts is better rolling to his right than left (duh). pic.twitter.com/0Tnso1TgcP

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021


This was a completely different defense than we have seen before from Jonathan Gannon and it was really interesting to watch. The Eagles mixed up coverages, disguised coverages and even had linebackers depending on how the Panthers lined up. There were a lot of 5 man fronts in this game which helped limit some of the Panthers play action rollouts with Darnold. The Eagles immediately lined up with a middle-field safety and man coverage which has not happened much this year…

Eagles Panthers all22 Defense thread… Eagles approach was different immediately against the Panthers. First defensive play, single high with M2M coverage. Singleton playing as the lone LB with the 5 on the line makes a good play here. pic.twitter.com/7UHi2QGtb2

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

When the Panthers went base the Eagles countered by completely switching the LBs and playing TJ Edwards and Davion Taylor. This is an interesting combination as Taylor is extremely athletic but I thought Edwards had the best game of any Eagles linebacker.

Eagles also liked going with a 5-2-4 with Edwards/Taylor against certain formations. Here you can see Taylor slip but he has the speed to react and cover ground quickly. Will be interesting to see if his role becomes larger in the future. Also, notice the safety come up late. pic.twitter.com/tiDvkIH4jy

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

I can’t remember seeing Taylor shed a block and make a good tackle much before (including his college tape) so this is a pretty good sign. pic.twitter.com/vjJ3haEVUh

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

The Eagles still played a lot of 2-high but they mixed up their coverage far more than they had before. THey also moved Slay around for the first time this season. I don’t have the numbers, but I would guess Slay lined up over DJ Moore basically everytime Moore was lined up outside. I didn’t see him follow him in the slot which was when Moore had most of his success.

This by Slay is great team defense. Darnold going for the old cover 2 hole shot. Slay handles the hi-lo well and doesn’t give Darnold an easy decision and the DL crashes the pocket to force a throw. This is perfect C2 technique by Slay. pic.twitter.com/zZARr0Yh3t

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

Breaking: an Eagles blitz!!

I know Darnold completes this but I do not mind this play at all. Eagles disguising coverages up early (which they haven’t done recently), drop the safety back and bring a slot CB blitz who nails Darnold. Also check Singleton blow up the RB on the blitz pic.twitter.com/GnaHbVEi5f

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

TJ Edwards playing in base suits him as he is great at this.

TJ Edwards is a man against the run downhill. Edwards/Taylor was the package largely against base. pic.twitter.com/ttNBgDnGtr

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

Slay was not the only Eagles cornerback who turned up Sunday either. I thought Avonte Maddox and Steven Nelson played well.

Not entirely sure what the coverage is here tbh (sort of C2 with inside CB carrying anything downfield?) but this is a hell of a play by Maddox. Carrying the 2 receiver down the seam with outside leverage is a tough play to make. pic.twitter.com/8vGXdMQpsw

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

Breaking: an Eagles stunt along the defensive line! Gannon clearly adjusted this week and started running some things we haven’t seen much on tape this year. The Eagles defensive line has run stunts really well the past few years and they had success with it this game a few times.

Eagles FINALLY ran some stunts upfront this game and you can’t do it better than Sweat does here. pic.twitter.com/nhxjxwvLWk

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

I loved how similar Slay’s second interception and Nelson’s interception were too. I really was impressed by both of them this week.

Almost identical technique to Slay earlier which is a sign of good coaching. Don’t turn and run too early (as you shouldn’t in C4 or quarter/quarter/half as it looks here), stay in phase and then explode forward and make a play on the ball. This is very nice! pic.twitter.com/fbwQvaRNne

— Jonny Page (@JonnyPage9) October 12, 2021

That will do for this week. It certainly wasn’t the prettiest game I have ever watched but I was glad to see the defense show some new looks and the offense adjust (albeit too slowly) throughout the game. Until next week.

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