Curb your snoring habit by wearing this smart eye mask to sleep

TL;DR: Sleep soundly with the VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask, on sale for just $64.99 — a 34% discount — as of Oct. 13. Plus, you’ll receive a $10 credit upon purchase.

It may seem petty, but snoring could be a relationship killer. Whether you’re the offender or the offended, snoring throughout the night comes with a lot of unintended consequences — lack of adequate sleep, bitterness, resentment, and even potential health issues.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there — and chances are you’ve already tried a few. If you’re still suffering from rumbling snores filling your bedroom, trying one more gadget couldn’t hurt. The VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask is a smart solution that detects and stops snoring in its tracks without disrupting your sleep cycle.

Unlike those weird gadgets you stick in your nose or obtrusive mouthpieces, the VVFLY is actually comfortable for sleeping; it’s made from ecological soft high-density sponge. You wear just like any other sleep mask and through bone conduction technology and sound recognition, it will identify snoring and send out a super subtle vibration to encourage your throat muscles to adjust. It has 36 levels of vibration to stop or reduce snoring significantly, all without disturbing your sleep or waking up your partner.

Here’s a sneak peek at how it works:

It’s quick and easy to get it set up and it automatically enters the preset working mode, so even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you’ll be able to use it. And like anything else in 2021, it connects to an app on your phone for a full overview of your settings, plus a visual representation of the effects. In other words, you’ll be able to see first-hand how effective the VVFLY really is, with actual data to show for it.

Regularly $99, you can snag the VVFLY Smart Snore Eye Mask on sale for just $64.99 for a limited time. Plus, after your purchase, you’ll get a $10 credit added to your account to use on other gadgets and gizmos to improve your overall lifestyle.

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