Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ‘threatened to THROW Trump supporter woman off stage at Stop The Steal rally’

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CONSPIRACY theorist Alex Jones is reportedly being investigated for allegedly threatening to push a Trump-supporting political organizer off an event stage during a Stop the Steal rally.

The “InfoWars” conspiracist is allegedly a suspect after a woman named Kylie Jane Kremer told Washington D.C. police someone threatened to cause her physical harm at the rally in December.

AFP or licensorsAlex Jones is reportedly being investigated by DC police for allegedly threatening to push a woman off a stage in December[/caption]

InstagramKylie Jane Kremer, the executive director of the organization Women for America First, filed a report with DC police saying someone allegedly threatened her life[/caption]

Kremmer is the executive director of the organization Women for America First, one of several groups that helped organize Stop the Steal rallies following Trump’s loss to Biden.

Kremer reportedly filed a police report alleging someone had “threatened to shove her off the stage at her event” on December 11 for a rally scheduled the next day, CNN reported.

Although Kremer’s report does not name Jones, sources told CNN that it indeed was the conspiracy theorist who allegedly threatened Kremer.

Another source, Scott Johnston, told CNN he was driving Kremer that day and saw Jones’ alleged threat against her, adding he spoke to police regarding what he had allegedly witnessed.

AFP or licensorsJones has denied the allegations through his lawyer despite going to the group’s stage the day after the threat was made[/caption]

InstagramScott Johnston was driving Kremer to a hotel and has said he witnessed Jones’ threat[/caption]

Marc Randazza, an attorney representing Jones, told CNN that the InfoWars anchor denies threatening Kremer, but did not respond when asked if Jones had spoken to law enforcement regarding the incident.

Kremer alleges the threat occurred outside the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, a few blocks south from the White House.

Johnston said while he was helping organizers with the group, he saw Jones confront Kremer on December 11 and tell her he would push her off a stage.

When Johnston drove Kremer to the hotel and unloaded their luggage, Johnston alleges Jones approached them.

“He kept yelling, ‘I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. I’m going to take over,’ you know, words along those lines,” Johnston said.

The following day when the Women for America First speech was set to take stage at the Supreme Court, Jones was speaking on the National Mall during a “Jericho March” before venturing over to the SCOTUS steps.

Jones said he had a confrontation with a number of individuals running security near the podium, with a man with a security lanyard telling Jones “you’re not allowed to be here.”

When Jones responded with a string of profanities, he vowed to leave, before yelling “1776.”

“I was going to the Supreme Court building yesterday because I heard there was going to be a rally that I was invited to,” Jones said at the time.

“Didn’t really even know who was really doing it,” he added. “It’s not like I was trying to go to some event with a thousand people and take it over.

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