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Book Giveaway! The Sword Falls by A. J. Smith

Hey, look! A book giveaway! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well, as long as we’re bringing it back we might as well make it a good one.

This contest comes courtesy of Head of Zeus to promote the May 1st publication of The Sword Falls, book 2 of A. J. Smith’s Form & Void series. Of course it can sometimes be hard promoting the second book in a series so we’re giving away book 1 as well. Five copies of both books!

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…or comment here in the blog. Do both and double your chances! It’s about as easy as we can make it. We’ll have a random drawing from our re-tweeter pool and announce the winners next Friday, May 7, so tweet away and don’t forget to check back to see if you’ve won! Please note: This is a USA only contest. Unfortunately, we cannot mail the prizes internationally.

The Glass Breaks
by A. J. Smith

Seventeen-year-old Duncan Greenfire is alive.

Three hours ago, he was chained to the rocks and submerged as the incoming tide washed over his head. Now the waters are receding and Duncan’s continued survival has completed his initiation as a Sea Wolf.

It is the 167th year of the Dark Age. The Sea Wolves and their Eastron kin can break the glass and step into the void, slipping from the real world and reappearing wherever they wish. Wielding their power, they conquered the native Pure Ones and established their own Kingdom.

The Sea Wolves glory in piracy and slaughter. Their rule is absolute, but young Duncan Greenfire and duelist Adeline Brand will discover a conspiracy to end their dominion, a conspiracy to shatter the glass that separates the worlds of Form and Void and unleash a primeval chaos across the world.

The Sword Falls
by A. J. Smith


It will ever be so. They will always rule… but they will not always lead.

Prince Oliver Dawn Claw, heir to the Kingdom of the Four Claws, is thrust into a world he doesn’t understand as he waits for his father to die. Away from home, with few allies – and too many enemies – he faces a new and otherworldly threat from beneath the sea. Alliances break and masks fall, as the Dark Brethren reveal their true master.

Meanwhile, Adeline Brand – called the Alpha Wolf – refuses to wait, and becomes the edge of the sword that swings back at the Dreaming God. Assembling allies and crushing resistance, she enters a fight she doesn’t know if she can win, as the sea begins to rise.

What people are saying:

“Best described as George R.R. Martin meets H.P. Lovecraft, The Glass Breaks is a fine example of British fantasy writing at its most entertaining” — Guardian

“An epic feat of world-building from one of British fantasy’s most innovative voices” — Bookseller

“Interesting and enticing, deftly sidesteps fantasy cliché and thrusts you towards the next installment” — SFX

About the Author:

Writing is the only thing I do that doesn’t make me feel like I should be doing something else.

Fantasy author of The Long War. Owner of 24 goblins (one too many).

George R. R. Martin meets H. P. Lovecraft? Sounds like a winner to me. What do you think?