Blind date with a book

The concept of a blind date with a book was first introduced to me through social media. Often, I’ve seen book sellers wrapping books in brown paper, and listing the genre and a few descriptions of the book, leaving it to the customers to pick their next read.

It’s popular on social media, but I’ve seen book vending machines with the same type of concept. I’ve also done a giveaway in 2018 with such a theme too. Today, I’ll be sharing 4 books in such a manner. Ideally, you’ll be able to find your next read, or perhaps your next love.

If there’s one that interests you, please let me know which! I’m excited to hear your thoughts.

Book 1: Mystery

Goodreads: 3.99 stars

Dual point-of-viewSet in JapanUnreliable narratorFast-paced

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Book 2: Contemporary Fiction

Goodreads: 3.89 stars

Autism-spectrum disorderYounger narratorCharacter-drivenDetective storyShort novel

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Book 3: Historical Fiction

Goodreads: 4.91 stars

InteractiveGorgeous illustrationsSet in different places across the worldEducational, set in the industrial revolution periodA part of a bigger series but works as a standalone

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Book 4: Poetry

Goodreads: 4.18 stars

South-East Asian/Malaysian writerRelatable and reflectiveRhymesMultiple themes: death, loneliness, pain, joy, blessings

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When looking for books to include in this post, I realised that I read way too many mysteries and poetry books. It was a struggle to find books that were out of those genres, and weren’t parts of a series. I definitely need to expand my reading, and of course, take you along with me.

Are you interested in these titles? Let me know!

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