Amazon will launch Kindle updates aimed at enhancing user-navigation

Amazon said they are in the process of introducing a new software update for its Kindle line of eReaders aimed at enhancing the user experience. The said update is targeted at the 8th generation or later Kindle models or the 7th generation or later Kindle Paperwhite models. Plus, there is going to be an update available for the Kindle Oasis device as well.

Among the changes the update will bring along include easier and faster means to control the eReader devices. For instance, the display brightness can be adjusted simply by swiping down on the display. The same gesture will also let you toggle Airplane, Bluetooth, and Sync modes as well besides getting to the All Settings section too. Plus, there is going to be a new navigation bar added to the bottom, one that will host controls to switch between the Home and Library section as well as the eBook currently being read.

All of this comes amidst some far-reaching changes that Amazon had introduced earlier. That included the ability to set the book cover currently being read as the Kindle screensaver. Amazon has also ensured faster downloads earlier that added to the overall eBook reading experience immensely.

The company though has stated some more changes are on the anvil, which will allow for a markedly better Home and Library experience. That will include a new Library setup having a new filter and sort options. There is going to be a new scroll bar and a new collections view added as well. A new Recently Read section will be made available as well which will be showing the 20 most recent items that the user has read. The Recently Read section will be accessible by swiping left.

Amazon meanwhile is also speculated to launch a new eReader device sometime soon. Needless to say, the upcoming Kindles will come pre-installed with the revamped operating system right out of the gates.

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