10 of the best personal blenders for smoothies, shakes, and more

Trying to eat clean and incorporate smoothies into your diet sounds great in theory, but lugging out a full-sized blender every single time you want a quick meal replacement or a refreshing treat is not the most efficient way to live. With a full-sized blender, you run the risk of making more of a drink than you actually need, and then you’ll have to deal with cleaning an unwieldy blender cup —no bueno.

A personal blender gives you the freedom to make your blended beverage of choice and be on your way with little hassle. The beauty of one of these appliances is that the container you mix your ingredients in is also your drinking cup. Speaking of which, when selecting the right personal blender for you, consider the blending cups. Take into account how many you want, the size and shape, the type of lid(s), and any bonus features like handles, non-slip sleeves, etc.

Depending on what you’ll be making with a personal blender, you need to pay attention to its power. Some of the inexpensive models can’t handle ice or large chunks of frozen produce, meaning you would have to forego the thick, frozen smoothies, and stick to simple recipes and ingredients.

Whereas some blenders work best for smoothies and shakes, some of the more advanced options will have you making salsas, soups, and other types of dishes that require a bit more power without having to break out a hand mixer or slow cooker. Pro tip when using a personal blender: Most have blending cups that turn upside down during the actual blending, so pour in liquid ingredients first so the solids don’t stick to the sides of the container.

Below you’ll find our list of 10 of the best personal blenders on the market, varying in power source (rechargeable vs. power outlet), wattage, cup size, and more.

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